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More advanced, More effective, and Longer Lasting than usual, repetitious, and commonly superficial fitness routines that fail to go deep and/or to deliver noticeable results


Dr. Tim Sobie says:

You Need This!

And gravity is a constant reminder. 



In this 2-part audio-visual & multisensory retreat, I'll guide you to feel more weightless - and without the added cost or connections of having to  launch yourself into outer space.


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So How Did This Come About?

And How Does it Help?

This recording was produced as an introduction give-a-way for over 13,000 attendees opting to attend my talk & presentation on clinical research, The Feldenkrais Method, harnessing the power of neuroplasticity, applying low-cost augmented reality props, and their  demonstrated effectiveness for treating unrelenting chronic low back pain & related conditions at the 2021 'Move Better / Feel Better' International Online Summit.

The concept was derived from my attending a hands-on osteopathic workshop from Seattle's URSA Foundation  15+ years ago entitled 'Adaptation of the Body to Internal & External Injuries' ...and I thought..."Hey, I can create a more tangible Feldenkrais-based experience around this with some accessible & visual tools that I've already got" ...and I proceeded to create.

Flash forward to today, the experience that you are signing up for now has a new home.

And by this I don't mean 'home' as the contents of this webpage, but rather a place in the world to be more understood through

1: INTEROCEPTIVE AWARENESS becoming the hottest new interdisciplinary 'topic to home-in on' within applied neuroscience, but also more importantly, 

2: THROUGH YOU with 'home' being revealed as the contents of your own body as you navigate nuanced signals & informational body schema peculiarities that typically fall well below your everyday accustomed consciousness or perceptual awareness.


 Here's what you get by joining  'Anti-Gravitize-My-Spine' : 

1 hour of Dr. Tim's transformative video content in 2-parts:

  • (Part 1: Self-Inventory in standing, walking, and laying)
  • (Part 2: Counter-Balancing Inner Diaphragms in Side-lying)


Effortless Posture and a Balanced Body are just one click away!


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           Dr. Tim Sobie, PT, Ph.D. , Feldenkrais Practitioner 

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               (Synaptic Organization for Bodies Under Stress ) 


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