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You have an inner world and an outer world.


  Awareness through Experience + Embodiment the confluence of both. 




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My methods

Three Avenues of Care to Explore:

B 2 C 

( Business to Customer ) 

Individualized Telehealth 

Alternatives to Usual Care


B 2 B

( Business to Business ) 

Intrinsic Ergonomics  

Human Performance Enhancement 


B 2 P

( Business to Practitioner ) 

Augmented & Virtual Rehabilitation  

Manual & Multisensory Neuroplasticity


A more balanced life

...begins with discovering how conscious perception and background body signaling can be augmented, heard, optimized, regulated and coalesced into everyday and continuing personal effectiveness.  Generalizable to  work, life, and play - but through direct & immersive  experience -  without overthinking it.

By integrating SOBUS approaches embedded in our Programs Library, you can create a more harmonious and peaceful inner being, plus a productive quality of life that flows outward  into the world - almost automatically -  no matter what your current situation or prior circumstances. 

We can always begin a new beginning.

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These popular individual classes are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join a full lifestyle program.

Find your center

Discover a quality of "neutral mid-range-maximum ease" through refining your sense of "the middle of the middle of the middle." 

As a healthy & sustainable alternative to usual end-range stretching techniques, corrective posture poses, releases, or getting  adjustments, the insights & actions gleaned through this class will help you to diffuse background pain signaling, stress & tension in almost any embodied or life situation - almost automatically!  


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 Balance Your Space 

It's what we're not aware of that can take us by surprise or to unexpectedly set us further back. 

Discover how vitally important (but also intrinsically hidden) 'vestibular labyrinth' senses of the inner ear can go from 'being concealed' to 'being revealed' - in helping you to augment & revitalize your inner directional compass - as you learn to encode and merge together 'inner space' and 'outer space' in navigating through everyday life.  



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Weekly Remap & Retune 

This weekly class will auto-pick a topic or theme congruent to address the consensus of what a majority of members are currently experiencing via a Monday morning weekly poll.

Yet, being a systemic movement metaphor - i.e. uniform and universal to all beings - each weekend mini-retreat can definitely be of benefit to everyone. Free playback recording for SOBUS members.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Dr. Tim Sobie, Ph.D. ,  a healing lifestyle coach and mind-body medicine practitioner. I work with clients to orchestrate  their neurology - its attitudinal  physiology and quality of arrangement through  perception  & action  -  from the inside out so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose.


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