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About  Dr. Tim Sobie & SOBUS WellCare 

Hello , I'm Dr. Tim Sobie, practitioner / life coach & content creator for  SOBUS WellCare  Solutions. 


I am a PT / physiotherapist  & senior practitioner of The  Feldenkrais Method.® 


My research Ph.D. is in Psychology - with sub-specializations in Behavioral Medicine  & Clinical  Psychophysiology aka. 'Mind-Body Medicine.'



I  look forward to sharing resources & tailored experiences that I have witnessed first hand to help thousands of persons to overcome recurrent & persistent  situations involving

  • chronic stress at work or at home 
  • chronic neuromuscular & bodily pain,
  • dysregulation due to injury and trauma
  •  loss of mobility  or movement recovery 
  • anxiety, worry, confidence, and mood
  • quality of  life & sense of whole  being. 

-Myself among them!

 Yep! I found much needed help for my recurring chronic pain and loss of mobility conditions outside of usual care - including my own conventional training and coursework as an advanced Physical Therapist.

Exploring dimensions outside my field in fact helped me so much more - such that I continued through university graduate programs in doctoral research to help validate them outside my experience more scientifically, while simultaneously continuing  a successful bricks n' mortar niche clinical practice in The Pacific Northwest, USA. 

Now I use these same powerful techniques to help others to overcome recurrent or persistent conditions online and worldwide. These approaches are quite simply too important to ignore. One goal of the SOBUS platform is to make them more widely available and accessible to all who seek an alternate outcome that remains unmet. 

My Methods

Find inner peace and live a more balanced life.

My method for living a more peaceful life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align the body and the mind for total balance.

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 Business to Customer

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B 2 B 

Business to Business  

HRD & Office Ergonomics

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B 2 P 

Business to Practitioner

Virtual Reality Bones Rx's for LBP

Cognitive Manual Therapy


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I Love to Teach, Transform, and Inspire!


" Tim has a keen ability to translate complex processes into terms and experiences that we can understand and integrate into our lives."   

        - Maureen McGill Seal, Associate Professor, Pacific Lutheran University.



Query your Questions and Quests to me at: 

[email protected]